14 Iconic Songs We Had Ice Dance To at the Olympics

Sunday night, the Olympics ice dancing competition was owned by America’s Shibutani twins. Regrettably, Coldplay and their mambo-inspired moves medley made them. They would’ve been bumped up a location if they’d picked among our picks. Shib Twins, please think about the tunes we would’ve ice enjoyed to when given the chance.

1. “Heart Of Glass” – Blondie

Catch me in a sequin-covered get-up skating for this gem. Cue the shimmies and dramatic spotlight.

2. “Move Your Feet” – Junior Senior

I surprised nobody has skated for the particular catchy jam. It is definitely called for by this song, although I don’t think I have seen anybody do the patch to get an ice dance.

3. “The Fight Is Over” – Jenny Hval

A slow-starting routine suspended in feminist theory… and ballet! I see that a skater for this ice dance.

4. “Oblivion” – Grimes

This heavenly amount will make a cute funding monitor for the ice princess meets with pixie dreams.

5. “Once In A Lifetime” – Talking Heads

Why yes I will probably be sporting a giant lawsuit for this particular operation, thank you for inquiring.

6. “Uh Huh” from Julia Michaels

IMAGINE landing an axel jump to that “uh huh.” Fierce.

7. “Id Engager” – of Montreal

Disco. Drama. Funk. On Ice!

8. “Joga” – Björk

An appropriately icy and emotive song. Although, you put yourself at chance of becoming overpowered and immobilized by Björk crooning through the Icelandic String Octet.

9. “Teenage Witch” – John Maus

Sparkles and a witch hat accompany this alien synth. And maybe a mask. Along with a fog machine. Carve a portal site with your skates and vanish.

10. “Huge Beautiful Blue Sky” – Ought

Let us hear it for apathy, angst, and ICE SKATING! Envision a interpretive, deeply impassioned dance.

11. “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” – Kylie Minogue

My partner and I’ll recreate the very groovy, robo-sexual dance wearing the costumes, for our olympic routine.

12. “Heads Will Roll” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I will sever the judges’ heads strengthening my place and standing out in my competitors. Give ’em the old razzle dazzle!

13. “Augustine” – Hybrid Orange

Poetic and jazzy. To tell the truth, Dev Hynes put his motions to do the job and should only put on a pair of ice skates. Insert a triple salchow and we’ve got a gold medalist.

After a soundtrack for graduations and bar mitzvahs alike, A Daft Punk robot head is recommended for this particular non-ironic skate.

Photo through YouTube