Piano Master Class with Dr. Khachatryan

Piano Master Class with Dr. Grigor Khachatryan: Monday, April 16

Join us to get a Piano Master Class containing Concordia College piano teacher, Dr. Grigor Khachatryan on Monday, April 16 at 8:15PM at

Dr. Grigor Khachatryan will perform solo piano pieces, and will listen to area piano students and give instructive comments to increase their performance. Everyone is welcome to attend and listen to the interesting process! Seating is limited, so please let us know whether you’re planning to attend.

Call 701-281-1828, or email us at into RSVP.


Produced at Yerevan, Armenia in 1986, Grigor Khachatryan started playing the piano. In addition to public school, he graduated with honors in 2002 and attended the Music School of Yerevan of Barsej Kanachyan. Back in the summer of 2002, Grigor moved into the United States to pursue his own dreams and abandoned his loved ones. Bedford, Ind., became his new house where he lived with a host family for a couple of decades. In this time, he started to pursue his own musical studies at Indiana University under the tutelage of professor of piano Luba Edlina-Dubinsky.

Grigor started his collegiate career with the dean’s scholarship award at Indiana University. Grigor was given that a piano and scholarship assistantship during his master, celebrity degree and doctorate levels by the Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music. Grigor is presently on course to get his doctorate degree. In addition to research in Piano Performance, Grigor has earned his composition and music theory minors.

Grigor is a Silver Medalist of Armenia’s Elite Generation National Piano Competition. Throughout his first year at the U.S., he won the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra Competition and later performed several concerts together as a soloist. He’s a prize winner in international competitions, among them the International Russian Piano Competition and the Cincinnati World Piano Competition in addition to a prize winner at a number of state chamber music competitions.

Grigor finds it important to participate in activities outside music. He finds the time to play with soccer, paint, bicycle ride and assemble computers. He enjoys good food loves the company of family and friends, and loves spending time in character.

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Naver Music Awards Announces Greatest Songs And Artists Of 2017

Naver Music awards shared that the most loved songs and artists of 2017!

The winners of those awards were selected according to the songs on Naver Music from January to November 2017.

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The music awards would be divided into segments including longest many streamed, many downloaded, greatest background musichunted, to musician league that was concealed. Winners are also encompassed by Naver Music Awards by a listing of the artists of this year, such as both foreign and domestic along with genre.

The first place of greatest running songs on Naver Music this year was taken by Ed Sheeranalong with his global hit “Shape of You.” Up were Bolbbalgan4’s “Galaxy,” Jung Seung Hwan’s “If It’s You,” Ailee’s “I Can Go You Like The First Snow,” along with Bolbbalgan4’s “Tell Me You Love Me.” While fifth and second were taken by Bolbbalgan4 the fourth and third places were drama OSTs.

On the very streamed chart, EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” arrived first, followed closely by  Ailee’s “I Can Go To You Like The First Snow,” NU’EST W’s “If You” NU’EST W’s “Where You At,” along with IU’s “Night Letter.”

Next up, Ailee’s “I Can Go To You Like The First Snow” got  the most downloaded song of this year. On next location was IU’s “Night Letter,” accompanied by AKMU’s “Last Goodbye,” Yoon Jong Shin’s ” It” and TWICE’s “Knock Knock.”

The background music   chart, or BGM chart, which lists the many well-known tunes played in everyday life, was written with EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop.” After “Ko Ko Bop” were SECHSKIES’ “Something Special” and “Be” and Wanna One’s “Exquisite” and “Energetic.”

The most searched song on Naver Music this year was Ailee’s “I Will Go You Like The Very First Snow.” Up were Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” SEENROOT’s “Sweet Heart,” Yoon Jong Shin’s ” It” and AKMU’s “Last Goodbye.”

The concealed musician chart lists lesser known artists that were most loved in 2017.   Moon Moon, that obtained love for his song “Contrail,” won first place of the chart with “Tree.” The following    winners included HEYDAY, SBGB, and Terry.

The winner of the year was EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop!” In second place was Ailee’s “I Will Go You Like The First Snow,” accompanied by NU’EST W’s “Should You” and “Where You At,” along with IU’s “Night Letter.”

From the charts divided by celebrity, Ailee’s “I Can Go You Like The Original Snow” once again won first place from the ballad genre. EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” topped the dance genre, while BTS’ “Spring Day” won the hip genre, also AKMU’s “Last Goodbye” won the rock/folk genre.

BTS obtained this year’s most loved performer to top it off!

In second place was   Bolbbalgan4, along with EXO, followed closely by NU’EST, GOT7 SEVENTEEN BTOB, MONSTA X.

The loved international performer on Naver Music was acquired by Ed Sheeran.

Congratulations to everyone for the wonderful accomplishments in 2017!

Spotify Shows its 15 most-streamed Dancing songs of 2017

Spotify has shown the top 15 most-streamed dance songs of 2017 — and not unsurprisingly it’s an all EDM affair.

Taking the number one spot is The Chainsmokers’ ‘Something Like That’, together with all the US duo scoring three tracks at the top 15, including the duo’s ‘Paris’ at number three and ‘Closer’ at number 7.

Elsewhere, the number two spot moved to Kygo for his Selena Gomez collaboration ‘It Ain’t Me’.

Martin Garrix’s collaboration with Dua Lipa, ‘Scared To Be Lonely’, watched the DJs winner miss out placing at number 6.

Daft Punk’s two collaborations with The Weeknd watched the robots shoot 10th and a 9th, whilst the remainder of the list contains tracks by the likes of David Guetta, Calvin Harris , Clean Bandit, and DJ Snake.

Take a Look at the EDM-centric listing below.

15. Axwell & Ingrosso — More Than You Know
14. DJ Snake effort. Justin Bieber — Let Me Love You
13. Calvin Harris feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big Sean — Feels
12. David Guetta feat. Justin Bieber — 2U
11. Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean, Migos — Slide
10. The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk — Starboy
9. The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk — Can I Feel It Coming
8. Clean Bandit feat. Zara Larsson — Symphony
7. The Chainsmokers — Closer
6. Martin Garrix effort. Dua Lipa — Scared
5. Clean Bandit feat. Sean Paul, Anne-Marie — Rockabye
4. Zedd effort. Alessia Cara — Stay
3. The Chainsmokers — Paris
2. Kygo effort. Selena Gomez — It stinks not Me
1. The Chainsmokers feat. Coldplay — Something Like This

14 Iconic Songs We Had Ice Dance To at the Olympics

Sunday night, the Olympics ice dancing competition was owned by America’s Shibutani twins. Regrettably, Coldplay and their mambo-inspired moves medley made them. They would’ve been bumped up a location if they’d picked among our picks. Shib Twins, please think about the tunes we would’ve ice enjoyed to when given the chance.

1. “Heart Of Glass” – Blondie

Catch me in a sequin-covered get-up skating for this gem. Cue the shimmies and dramatic spotlight.

2. “Move Your Feet” – Junior Senior

I surprised nobody has skated for the particular catchy jam. It is definitely called for by this song, although I don’t think I have seen anybody do the patch to get an ice dance.

3. “The Fight Is Over” – Jenny Hval

A slow-starting routine suspended in feminist theory… and ballet! I see that a skater for this ice dance.

4. “Oblivion” – Grimes

This heavenly amount will make a cute funding monitor for the ice princess meets with pixie dreams.

5. “Once In A Lifetime” – Talking Heads

Why yes I will probably be sporting a giant lawsuit for this particular operation, thank you for inquiring.

6. “Uh Huh” from Julia Michaels

IMAGINE landing an axel jump to that “uh huh.” Fierce.

7. “Id Engager” – of Montreal

Disco. Drama. Funk. On Ice!

8. “Joga” – Björk

An appropriately icy and emotive song. Although, you put yourself at chance of becoming overpowered and immobilized by Björk crooning through the Icelandic String Octet.

9. “Teenage Witch” – John Maus

Sparkles and a witch hat accompany this alien synth. And maybe a mask. Along with a fog machine. Carve a portal site with your skates and vanish.

10. “Huge Beautiful Blue Sky” – Ought

Let us hear it for apathy, angst, and ICE SKATING! Envision a interpretive, deeply impassioned dance.

11. “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” – Kylie Minogue

My partner and I’ll recreate the very groovy, robo-sexual dance wearing the costumes, for our olympic routine.

12. “Heads Will Roll” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I will sever the judges’ heads strengthening my place and standing out in my competitors. Give ’em the old razzle dazzle!

13. “Augustine” – Hybrid Orange

Poetic and jazzy. To tell the truth, Dev Hynes put his motions to do the job and should only put on a pair of ice skates. Insert a triple salchow and we’ve got a gold medalist.

After a soundtrack for graduations and bar mitzvahs alike, A Daft Punk robot head is recommended for this particular non-ironic skate.

Photo through YouTube

Star of city viral piano playing Movie Understands hundreds of songs but Not had an Audio lesson

The piano-playing celebrity of a remarkable road performance video which went viral hasn’t had a music lesson. . .and he doesn’t have a piano!

Christopher Scamp, 30, has a repertoire of hundreds of tunes nd and with a medley played with out Forsyth Music Shop, on Friday, in Manchester city centre.

He combined classics, pop music and Christmas tunes and also a video of his performance was seen 3 million times around Facebook.

The musician told the MEN how he adores as he doesn’t own a piano of their own, giving performances and returned to delight crowds.

Christopher Scamp playing the Piano outside Forsyth's music shop with Oliver Edgington

Christopher Scamp playing the Cable out Forsyth’s music store with Oliver Edgington

Christopher, from Liverpool, said: “Nobody else in my household is in to music but I always have been and I learned to play with in my room only picking things up.

“I will play a couple hundred tunes and I will do them all the way through but tend to just mix parts of them collectively as not everyone has the patience for a complete song.

“I’ve never had a music lesson but I have this remarkable love for entertaining men and women. It got an unbelievable reaction and there’s a lot more to come”

Because the video went viral, has had requests to play Cuba and Las Vegas.

He is currently trying to save enough cash to buy his piano and intends to proceed on Britain’s Got Talent.

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The piano was put out Forsyth Music Shop by shop bosses for anyone who wishes to have a go to play.

Among the amounts Christopher played on Sunday have been from Oasis anthem Let it Go, Do not Look Back in Anger Frozen, and Let it be with the Beatles.

Christopher, who’s a full-time carer because of his mother, included: “Once I play with it only comes automatically like my palms are doing it not my brain.

“I will understand what I’m doing for the following five or for tunes and I will go into a bubble in which I’m not thinking about anything else”

Forsyth Music Shop, on Deansgate, celebrated its 160th birthday this year and is currently owned by the Forsyth family’s generation.

Manager Michael Welton, 43, said: “Christopher came on Friday and just started playing. We get a fair number of folks but it became clear that this was something distinct.

“He pulled a bunch and it was off the top of his mind with tunes blended together.”

Songs From Your Suck — Randy Steele — Indie Music Reviews

Songs From Your Suck — Randy Steele

BANDCAMP: https://randysteele.bandcamp.com/releases

Songs From Your Suck — Randy Steele, is a solo album by a number of the members of this Slim Pickens Bluegrass group from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Suck is a reference to Suck Creek which comes into the Tennessee River close to Randy’s house. From the early days prior to TVA dammed the rivers, it was a notorious part of rapids which could break boats and such. Just below was Moccasin Bend, where Cherokee raids were often waiting, and the Muscle Shoals in Alabama was yet another dangerous section of this river. He enjoyed it phonetically and I believed it’d be a simple name to remember.

Randy Steele makes his concept clear, however, the evidence is in those tunes that move just about anyplace bluegrass can without sacrificing its own floor, but it has it all from folk to blues and contemporary Americana stylings. It conveys an entry that’s difficult to find in hardcore bluegrass circles, but Steele and his group are well-known in their own area, as well as staged overseas. Not being a new comer consistently helps but getting new to me it makes all the difference due to the freshness of the tunes and how far they travel away from the usual bluegrass norms. It strikes over very well that way.

One of my favorite tunes is “One Man Stringer” but it is toward the close of the record. However, it’s very important to point out at which it is hard to top and at which it really peaks, and I find it to be an obvious choice for one, but this record was out for a while. Don’t miss this particular track, it is an outstanding display of exactly what these musicians perform. But you’ll find out from the get go, which Randy Steele and CO perform the perfect business by bluegrass by incorporating just the ideal amount of folk and blues, and of course that the nation music audio from which their legacy stems. All of these are compelling tracks, each single one of these.

“Northbound 29” has got the show on the street using a truck driving tune that sizzles to the bone. Randy Steele’s voice reminds 60’s artist Tony McPhee of the Groundhogs, which I’m reminded of, but it doesn’t mean he even understands who McPhee is. However, it’s exactly the same singing style that can be possessed by a great deal of such singers of the past and present. It’s well worth mentioning because of a highlight though. “Mobile Shortly” is a natural highlight about missing home, which placed third at the Bluegrass Songwriting Competition. And that’s one of the strongest factors about Randy Steele, second to none bluegrass songwriting.

The latter tune is a soothing trail with all these zen pulled into one track that anyone can muster. It checks out in each sector with this fine record of world class tunes. “1983” is where the fun gets the most focus, with a look back on the year 1983, informed in his infectious way, with some choice string bending of which these tunes are all augmented with. If bluegrass is the thing, this is a must hear, but even though, it will go far in bringing you around to exactly what the south has to offer, which can be a number of the very best music in history. “To Your New Perspective” closes the record with a sign of that down homeness to show that about it.

Jeff Turner