Naver Music Awards Announces Greatest Songs And Artists Of 2017

Naver Music awards shared that the most loved songs and artists of 2017!

The winners of those awards were selected according to the songs on Naver Music from January to November 2017.

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The music awards would be divided into segments including longest many streamed, many downloaded, greatest background musichunted, to musician league that was concealed. Winners are also encompassed by Naver Music Awards by a listing of the artists of this year, such as both foreign and domestic along with genre.

The first place of greatest running songs on Naver Music this year was taken by Ed Sheeranalong with his global hit “Shape of You.” Up were Bolbbalgan4’s “Galaxy,” Jung Seung Hwan’s “If It’s You,” Ailee’s “I Can Go You Like The First Snow,” along with Bolbbalgan4’s “Tell Me You Love Me.” While fifth and second were taken by Bolbbalgan4 the fourth and third places were drama OSTs.

On the very streamed chart, EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” arrived first, followed closely by  Ailee’s “I Can Go To You Like The First Snow,” NU’EST W’s “If You” NU’EST W’s “Where You At,” along with IU’s “Night Letter.”

Next up, Ailee’s “I Can Go To You Like The First Snow” got  the most downloaded song of this year. On next location was IU’s “Night Letter,” accompanied by AKMU’s “Last Goodbye,” Yoon Jong Shin’s ” It” and TWICE’s “Knock Knock.”

The background music   chart, or BGM chart, which lists the many well-known tunes played in everyday life, was written with EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop.” After “Ko Ko Bop” were SECHSKIES’ “Something Special” and “Be” and Wanna One’s “Exquisite” and “Energetic.”

The most searched song on Naver Music this year was Ailee’s “I Will Go You Like The Very First Snow.” Up were Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” SEENROOT’s “Sweet Heart,” Yoon Jong Shin’s ” It” and AKMU’s “Last Goodbye.”

The concealed musician chart lists lesser known artists that were most loved in 2017.   Moon Moon, that obtained love for his song “Contrail,” won first place of the chart with “Tree.” The following    winners included HEYDAY, SBGB, and Terry.

The winner of the year was EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop!” In second place was Ailee’s “I Will Go You Like The First Snow,” accompanied by NU’EST W’s “Should You” and “Where You At,” along with IU’s “Night Letter.”

From the charts divided by celebrity, Ailee’s “I Can Go You Like The Original Snow” once again won first place from the ballad genre. EXO’s “Ko Ko Bop” topped the dance genre, while BTS’ “Spring Day” won the hip genre, also AKMU’s “Last Goodbye” won the rock/folk genre.

BTS obtained this year’s most loved performer to top it off!

In second place was   Bolbbalgan4, along with EXO, followed closely by NU’EST, GOT7 SEVENTEEN BTOB, MONSTA X.

The loved international performer on Naver Music was acquired by Ed Sheeran.

Congratulations to everyone for the wonderful accomplishments in 2017!