Rekha Favourite Items Food Songs Music Colour Hobbies

She’s known as the “Ageless Beauty”. Time may have passed for many others but for her passing time is a blessing. She seems much more ravishing, more lovely and more gorgeous. She rules hearts.   Yes…you guessed it directly. It’s “Rekha ji”. In her youth she’s played in movies like silsila along with umrao jaan…and lately she gave us a detective behave in super naani, in which she ruled the hearts of children as a very cool naani.It is not surprising that individuals wish to know more about her own. Considering that the passion and love of individuals with this evergreen beauty below are some facts.   Rekha ji enjoys wear; we have observed her beautiful saris that are donning but don’t mean that she couldn’t carry wear off. Infect she combined with a couple of others brought the change from bollywood we see today.Having lived years her hobbies rather comprehend. She loves to collect postcards…and pictures, Old and fresh. You can ask to see her library, where she keeps her collectables should you meet her.

Rekha Favourite Things Food Songs Music Colour Hobbies

Rekha Favourite long layered hairstyle with dress

Rekha ji Favourite Dress:

Rekha ji Favourite Hobbies:

  • Accumulate postcards, pictures both old and also new

Rekha ji Favourite Actress:

Rekha ji Favourite Actor:

  • Amitabh Bachan, SPK Shahrukh Khan

Rekha ji Favourite  Colour:

  • Vegetarian meals must be located in Indian Standard food

Rekha ji Favourite Sweets:

Rekha ji Favourite Vegetable:

Rekha ji Favourite items:

Rekha ji Favourite workout:

Rekha Favourite Things Food Songs Music Colour Hobbies

She loves to draw and sing besides collecting post cards along with pictures. Not just sketches but she is a design artist that is fantastic . Not to forget she is a really good impersonator. She can behave like every other celebrity and you wouldn’t be able to comprehend her.

She has a family of eight siblings and have some spiritual values. Infect she believes in rebirth and seven lives. Want her to reborn.

Rekha interesting facts and long hairstyle

Her favourite industry people are Nargis ji, Guru dat, Amitabh bachan, Shahrukh khan and meena kumara. Shah rukh’s Chak de act is loved by her in which he acted as a baseball player.

Whitney houstan along with Lata Mangeshkar are her favourite singers.she lives Eastern and western songs both.

Her favorite colors are Golden,   Black and Red. Infect she wears saris that are gold with reddish color of lipsticks in Award works.

She’s a vegetarian and enjoys Bhindi. In candies she enjoys ras malai. Green vegetables are her all-time favorite.

She is quite romantic in her mind. Make small gestures and her manner of expressing love is to cherish the person. She enjoys Yoga and it has been a part of her lifestyle.

She’d want to do 13, if you ask her what is it? Well the list isn’t short. She’d like to exhibit her paintings, her art and she would like to do given the chance.

Well whatever she’s … we hope that she always remains smiling and smiling.