Star of city viral piano playing Movie Understands hundreds of songs but Not had an Audio lesson

The piano-playing celebrity of a remarkable road performance video which went viral hasn’t had a music lesson. . .and he doesn’t have a piano!

Christopher Scamp, 30, has a repertoire of hundreds of tunes nd and with a medley played with out Forsyth Music Shop, on Friday, in Manchester city centre.

He combined classics, pop music and Christmas tunes and also a video of his performance was seen 3 million times around Facebook.

The musician told the MEN how he adores as he doesn’t own a piano of their own, giving performances and returned to delight crowds.

Christopher Scamp playing the Piano outside Forsyth's music shop with Oliver Edgington

Christopher Scamp playing the Cable out Forsyth’s music store with Oliver Edgington

Christopher, from Liverpool, said: “Nobody else in my household is in to music but I always have been and I learned to play with in my room only picking things up.

“I will play a couple hundred tunes and I will do them all the way through but tend to just mix parts of them collectively as not everyone has the patience for a complete song.

“I’ve never had a music lesson but I have this remarkable love for entertaining men and women. It got an unbelievable reaction and there’s a lot more to come”

Because the video went viral, has had requests to play Cuba and Las Vegas.

He is currently trying to save enough cash to buy his piano and intends to proceed on Britain’s Got Talent.

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The piano was put out Forsyth Music Shop by shop bosses for anyone who wishes to have a go to play.

Among the amounts Christopher played on Sunday have been from Oasis anthem Let it Go, Do not Look Back in Anger Frozen, and Let it be with the Beatles.

Christopher, who’s a full-time carer because of his mother, included: “Once I play with it only comes automatically like my palms are doing it not my brain.

“I will understand what I’m doing for the following five or for tunes and I will go into a bubble in which I’m not thinking about anything else”

Forsyth Music Shop, on Deansgate, celebrated its 160th birthday this year and is currently owned by the Forsyth family’s generation.

Manager Michael Welton, 43, said: “Christopher came on Friday and just started playing. We get a fair number of folks but it became clear that this was something distinct.

“He pulled a bunch and it was off the top of his mind with tunes blended together.”