Suing Hairdresser – Can You Sue For A Bad Do?

At some point in time, we’ve all managed to find that one hairdresser who just really messes up our do. Can you sue over a bad haircut though? Believe it or not, there are a few instances when suing hairdresser may be something you really need to consider.

When A Bad Hairdo Costs You Your Job
You went in for simple highlight, or to erase just a few of those gray hairs. Unfortunately, your hairdresser was on their cell phone the entire time that they were doing your hair, and it resulted in you ending up with a beautiful head full of purple hair.
Unfortunately, you were running late on your lunch break and in a hurry to get back to work, and had to rush out the door. Your company had a strict policy on “unnatural” looking hair, and you found yourself cleaning out your desk after returning.

Guess what, you may have grounds to sue your hairdresser because due because to their negligence, you have now suffered damage to your career and professional reputation.
This is just one example of a time that it may be appropriate to take legal action against your hairdresser. Let’s look at another example.

When A Bad Job Results In Emotional Damages
You went in to have just a couple of inches taken off to get rid of those split ends. Your hairdresser decided to instead lop off a couple of feet worth of hair. Now, your sporting a bob cut that you never wanted in the first place.

You arrive home, and your spouse is so outraged by your new look that they storm away and ultimately file for divorce a few days later. You’re left in tears, and ultimately the fault could potentially fall back to your hairdresser’s poor decision to destroy your personal image without your permission.
This is yet another example of when it may be appropriate to seek out legal counsel to see if you have a case against your hairdresser.

Find Legal Counsel
If you’ve found yourself in a situation such as the two examples mentioned above, you may want to seriously consider a legal counsel to see if you have a case against your hairdresser.
While normally a bad haircut will not result in a suing hairdresser, it certainly can if it causes you damages such as those mentioned above.