Batch Release Procedure

Batch release testing involves a complex process performed by highly trained professionals. What’s exactly involved depends on what is being tested. Let’s go into greater detail about what can be tested, who should look into batch release testing and where to have testing performed.

What Can Be Tested

Products, before they are sold on the market, are often batched tested and so are various ingredients/components in products. Some examples include topical liquids, oral liquids, gels, creams, and ointments. Others include powders, granules, capsules, tablets, and syrups to name a few.

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Some products may be required to meet certain standards, as per the law. The only way to meet these standards is to have products and ingredients undergo testing. Otherwise, you would never know if they were safe or not for the public.

Testing can be performed for things such as hardness and friability. Disintegration and dissolution testing can be performed. Not only that but other things testing can check for include dimensions and ion chromatography to name a few.

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Who Should Have Batch Release Testing Done

Companies that sell products in bulk that contain various ingredients, especially ingredients that are consumed or applied topically, should look into batch testing. There are many benefits of batch testing, with the main one being that it is a good way to ensure that the ingredients and products are not contaminated, adhere to safety standards and are safe to consume. The bottom line is batch testing is crucial and most companies that sell products for consumption should look into it.

Where To Have It Done

Laboratories can perform batch testing, but make sure you choose one that follows applicable laws in regards to testing. Also, look for a lab that is reputable and has conducted many tests. The better the reputation, the better off you’ll be because it means your products will undergo rigorous testing.

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If you find a lab you like, then contact them and request their rates. Different labs have different rates but do not base your decision to choose a lab solely on their rates. It’s more important to choose a lab that conducts high-quality batch tests.

Do you think you should have a batch test done? Maybe by law, you are required to have your product batch tested before they can be sold to the masses. Whatever the case is, just make sure you work with a professional and reputable lab to carry out the testing.