Large Wall Safes

Having a wall safe can be very useful for storing your valuables inside of a secure place. Get more info here that will help you choose a quality wall safe.

Set a budget for your wall safe. Determine how much money you have to spend on a safe ahead of time. The actual price will depend on the size and features you need. Fireproofing and various other security features will increase how much a safe will cost.

Determine the right size. Your wall safe will typically need to be placed in between the two-by-fours in the walls of your house. Check to see what size you will need for the width and depth of your safe based on your walls and then choose the height that suits your budget and needs.

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If possible, select a fire resistant wall safe. These safes will protect your documents and valuables if there is a fire. Intertek (ETL) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) are independent organizations that provide fire resistance ratings on safes that you can reference.

Decide on the access control features that you want your wall safe to have. Access control features can include a key, a combination, a pin code and key combination, or biometric data like a fingerprint. All of these access methods can be effective depending on how the owner uses and maintains them.

Check the safe’s resistance rating. Not all wall safes are tested for burglary resistance. You need to check to see if there is a UL label.

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Determine if you need your safe to be water resistant. There are also water resistance ratings conducted by Intertek or other independent organizations. Wall safes with the highest water resistance ratings can protect valuables in the event of broken water lines or floods.

Purchase your safe from a retailer that specializes in safes. You can purchase quality wall safes online or at many hardware stores. When you purchase cheap wall safes from a specialty store you will be able to talk with an expert about the various options that are available to find the best safe for you and your situation.

Find the best location. You should install your wall safe is an accessible yet effective location. It is also a good idea for it to be away from the main traffic of your home, like in the laundry room, in a closet or behind furniture or a bookcase. You want your safe to be in an intrusive place.